• Hi! I’m Keocia.

    My personal and professional mission is to build successful small businesses and start-ups by maximizing the value of human capital through professional training that creates teams and individuals passionately aligned with their organization’s values and strategies. Keocia Services, LLC is a leader in, and dedicated practitioner of, building equitable and inclusive work community cultures that are genuinely and enthusiastically diverse, innovative, and perpetually practicing continuous improvement.

    I’m a professional trainer and consultant with a background in leadership, development, and finance. I’ve been helping educate my regional and cultural communities on leadership, financial freedom, and entrepreneurship.

    Keocia Perry started this company because she has always been passionate about helping people solve problems. She has been the go-to woman since undergrad when it came to researching and finding resources to help her community in areas with limited resources.

    Financial literacy is the #1 problem minorities face and continues to hold us captive. She aims to teach young adults how to be responsible when learning about money, credit, insurance, assets, liabilities, and building businesses. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but it’s rewarding when you strive to learn more and give back. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential in business. We need more minority leaders. 

    I look forward to talking with you and dovetailing the program(s) that suit(s) your needs, i.e.:

    • Accelerator Programs
    • Coaching
    • Coursework
    • Leadership
    • Learning Events
    • Management
    • Operations
    • Staffing
    • Support
    • Training
    • Workshops

Why Us?

Why Us?

The key to impactful and executable knowledge transfer is engagement. Engagement that goes full circle. Our practices are rooted in train-the-trainer philosophies, in which the communication we train your crew members while we simultaneously learn from them.

The result? 100% enthusiastic buy-in from them because they are heard and responded to, not just talked at. And they are eager to become generous knowledge transfer practitioners themselves.

Our areas of extreme expertise include, but are not limited to:

    • Administrative Services
    • Business Capacity Building
    • Business Development
    • Communication
    • Cultural Climate
    • Customer Service
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Eco-System Building
    • Entrepreneurial Advancement
    • EQi2.0 & 360 Emotional Intelligence
    • Ethics
    • Event Planning
    • Financial Literacy & Management
    • Human Resources
    • Leadership
    • Market Validation
    • Marketing & Advertising
    • Needs Assessment
    • Policy & Procedure
    • Professional Development
    • Program Management
    • Revenue & Financial Modeling
    • Strategic Planning

Program Snapshots

Program Snapshots

In helping small businesses and start-ups succeed, we provide sessions applicable to your organization’s business needs. Keocia Services, LLC’s team members are also available to these groups and to each individual member of your team for group and individual mentoring. A la carte programs may include, but are not limited to:

Asset Management: Managing a client’s money, identifying client’s financial goals, portfolio management, stocks, bonds, and funds.

Accounting & Finance: Generating and using capital, investing, borrowing, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and communicating.

Business Development: Innovation, initiatives, ideas, implementation, strengths, opportunities, capability, prospects, and demographics.

Communications: Sharing clear, concise, complete, considerate, correct, courteous, and concrete content internally and externally.

Creative: Design of UI/UX, graphics, websites, collateral, video, animation, writing, editing, presentations, art, design, etc.

Customer Service & Experience: Customer care, nurturing, loyalty building, fulfillment, journey, appreciation, rating, and sharing.

Engineering (Business): Business administration and technology expertise blending for developing tech frameworks for ops and growth.

General Management: Operations oversight, supervising, training, executive, middle, team management, leadership, etc.

Human Resources: Recruiting, screening, interviewing, compensation, benefits, training, employee relations, and regulations.

Information Technology : networks, security, databases, analytics, automation, systems, hardware management, etc.

Investor Relations: Company affairs communications including accounting, legal, and executive management.

Legal: Managing contracts, disputes, litigation, in-house counsel, employment, intellectual property, tax, and other laws.

Marketing: Communicating value of product, price, promotion, place, packaging, positioning, and people to build loyal customer base.

Operations: Managing processes, human capital, performance, equipment, systems, orders, inventory, warehousing, storage, supply chain, etc.

Product Management: Managing product lifecycle from idea to innovation, design to production, positioning, pricing, and market.

Production: Manufacturing goods and products and managing software as a service to create outputs valuable to consumers.

Project Management: Project leadership, communication, organization, time management, motivation, and team management.

Purchasing & Sourcing: Finding/buying services, finding/buying products, proposals for selling services or products, contracting.

Quality Control & Assurance: Plan, do, check, act procedures, standardizing, process control, sampling, testing, reporting, reacting, etc.

Sales: Setting goals, analyzing data, identifying demographic, monitoring competition, trend following, sales planning, sales communication.

Strategic Initiatives & Programs: External and internal conditions, data and competitive analysis, mission and vision, team building, and planning.

Course Example

Course Example

Your goal is our goal: “to provide an engaging, customized financial literacy program.” This program is an example of one that can be used to educate groups and individuals on how to achieve financial stability and build wealth. One of Keocia Perry’s great passions is helping people succeed. These 10 modules will provide anyone with executable pathways to success:

Module 1: Money Management 101 is Marvelous! Learners will gain comprehension of how to understand the big picture of managing their money and basic personal finance, including but not limited to:

    • All the ways you can store, save, and invest your money (overview of bank accounts, funds, investment, etc. to be covered in more depth later),
    • Creating your income and cash flow goal (using cash flow statements), plan, and strategy,
    • Determining what you can and cannot afford and when,
    • Using a balance sheet and milestones to evaluate your progress towards your goals,
    • Establishing liquidity, and

    Managing income and debt,

      • Asset-to-Debt Ratio,
      • Debt Service-to-Income Ratio,
      • and Debt Payments-to-Disposable Income Ratio.

Module 2: Budget! Make It and Don’t Break It! Learners will obtain all the detailed fundamentals of budgets, why they are necessary, and how they improve quality of life when managed, adjusted, and adhered to. Topics include:

    • Setting financial goals,
    • Making and reconciling budget estimates,
    • Cash flow planning,
    • Spending control,
    • Types of budgets,
    • Components of a budget,
    • Estimating revenues, fixed and variable costs,
    • One-time expenses, and
    • Technology for budgeting and money management.

Module 3: Bankrolls Beware! – All the Ways You Can Lose Your Money.  In this module, learners will visit the dark side of money and money management, identifying risks and treats, and managing same. We’ll take a thorough look at:

    • Risk types i.e. pure, liquidity, speculative, currency, and ventures,
    • Risk control tools i.e. risk analysis (fundamental, technical, and quantitative),
    • Predatory Lending,
    • Spams and Scams,
    • Debit/credit card fraud,
    • Identity theft,
    • Hacking, and more.

Module 4: You Can Fix It! — Credit and Debt Repair. We’ve all overextended ourselves and here’s how to dig out of credit and other debt problems.

    • Types of consumer credit,
    • How to build and maintain good credit, know your debt limit, and build a good credit reputation,
    • How to know you’re overindebtedness,
    • All about debt collection,
    • Steps for getting out of debt,
    • Where and how to get help with debt,
    • Achieving credit and credit score repair, and
    • Designing your manageable debt future based on a good financial safety net.

Module 5: Your Spending Practices. Get Them in Line! In this module we do interactive exercises to foster discussion about how to understand one’s spending practices and how to improve them without diminishing lifestyle. These are some of the areas covered:

    • Subscriptions and memberships,
    • Utilities,
    • Housing,
    • Consolidating debt, insurance, etc.,
    • Groceries and dining out,
    • Cash-only consumerism, and
    • Coupons, sales, comparison shopping, bulk buying…

Module 6: Love Your Taxes! How to make your taxes your friend and use them to improve your finances year-after-year.

    • Understanding your federal (state and local) taxes,
    • Calculating your taxes,
    • Legal tax avoidance practices and strategies,
    • Tax breaks, credits, and deductions,
    • Taxation trends,
    • Tax forms and technology, and
    • Using your previous years’ tax filings for financial planning.

Module 7: Insurance Yays and Nays. Learners will explore ways insurance can benefit them more and cost less.

    • Auto,
    • Disability,
    • Health,
    • Home,
    • Life,
    • Long-Term Care,
    • Renters,
    • Umbrella, and
    • More!

Module 8: Dream Big. Asset Building Part 1. Strategy and planning.Practical asset acquisition and value enhancement.

    • Introduction to investing,
    • Buying a house or land,
    • Financing a house or land purchase,
    • Yield accounts,
    • Funds,
    • Bonds,
    • Stocks, and
    • Asset protection.

Module 9: Dream Bigger! Asset Building Part 2. Strategy and planning. Beyond “traditional” investing.

    • Invest in someone’s small business,
    • High-yield collectibles,
    • Technology,
    • Luxury items,
    • Antiques and art,
    • Health savings accounts, and
    • So much more.

Information Module 10: Roundup Roundtable. Where we talk about what we learned, what we still want to know, and think forward to what modules need to be added in the future.

So Much More

So Much More

To every project, Ms. Perry will bring Purdue University’s essential project management skills to bear every step of the way: accountability, adaptability, budget management, clear communication, creativity, decisiveness, delegation, forecasting, leadership, management, organization, problem solving, strategic thinking and stress management. Ultimately, her management will ensure the knowledge transfer project performance and results exceed stakeholder satisfaction.

Behind the scenes, Ms. Perry will be:

  1. Asking and answering every who, what, when, where, and why.
  2. Vetting and onboarding every program development and instruction participant.
  3. Anticipating everything that could go wrong and engineering a prevention strategy – building contingencies.
  4. Developing program redundancy so no session requires canceling or is readily rescheduled.
  5. Advising best practices in turning live sessions into iterative virtual ones.
  6. Pivoting whenever a better way or service/product presents itself (all within budget).
  7. Creating and administering work breakdown structures.
  8. Detailing project activities.
  9. Doing performance measurement and adjustment.
  10. Ensuring 100% buy-in from everyone involved, or correcting to do so.